Timber Flooring Sutherland Shire

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We are a dedicated team of qualified and proven installers that would love to assist you with all your timber flooring needs. Our promise to you is that your next project can be delivered on time, all while using only the best quality timber flooring! At Grounded Flooring, we value the meaning of being “GROUNDED”, as someone or something that is down to Earth, sincere, and firmly established. We live and breathe this through our trusted team and brands.

We Do

Grounded Flooring is a specialist timber flooring company. We supply, prepare, and install timber flooring with only the highest quality products. Grounded Flooring oversees and manages every project in its entirety. This means you can enjoy a seamless experience from the initial quote to project completion. Our highly professional team, coupled with our many years of industry experience, ensures that we will deliver on all of your flooring needs with the best customer service along the way. We are “GROUNDED” across Greater Sydney and beyond.


Over the years we have partnered with a reliable network of suppliers that provide a wide range of timber flooring options. These trusted brands have been tried and tested to ensure that our customers only receive the most durable and highest quality products. We only partner with suppliers that share our values in delivering a superior flooring finish.


We can install your timber flooring, whether it be floating, direct stick, or nailing. With our experience and exceptional customer service, we can ensure our qualified team of installers will deliver your project to the exact specifications that you require.

Floor Preparation

It’s no secret that the key to a successful floor is in the floor preparation. We ensure precision and professionalism, from removing the old flooring to levelling the sub-floor. With our industry expertise, Grounded Flooring has refined pre-installation techniques and processes, in order to prepare the flooring in the most efficient way.


Revamp Your Home With Timber Flooring Services In Sutherland Shire.

Timber flooring truly transforms your house into something spectacular in terms of both visual and built quality. And in today’s market, you can either opt for solid hardwood material or the engineered flooring. Both flooring options are spectacular in their own right. However, there are a few subtle differences between them. Are you having a horrible time picking the best choice for your floor renovation plans? We will help you out, don’t worry! 

Are you looking for various options in colour, width, length, and price of timber flooring in Sutherland Shire? Then you should head over to Grounded Flooring Services as soon as possible. We have everything that you need for a seamless and stylish transformation of your house flooring. 

Grounded Flooring - One-Stop Destination For High-Quality Flooring Services

Investing in floor renovation is something for which you should consider a lot of things beforehand. Things such as the experience, expertise, quality of services and tradesmanship. Besides, you don’t want to hire another floor installer just to roll back the changes and start over again, do you? That is why it’s essential to sign up with reputable and reliable floor installers, such as Grounded Flooring Services. 

From the supply of top-quality floorboards to a hassle-free installation of these products in your house, we are the perfect fit for you. You can rely upon the expertise carried by our floor installers. They have years of experience in installing new floorboards or for the replacement of old ones. You can expect the best service delivery from Grounded Flooring Services in Sutherland Shire. 

Why Come To Grounded Flooring?

You may question yourself - why go with this particular company when there are many other floor installers available in the market? But in hindsight, you will only waste your time chasing flooring quotes from these companies. Whether you need solid timber flooring or engineered timber flooring in Sutherland Shire, you can get them here. We are the experts in delivering the best installation when it comes to hardwood/timber flooring. 

Master Floor Installers

To have the perfect timber flooring installation in your Sutherland Shire home, you need someone who possesses the experience and the required skillset. Otherwise, you won’t see the desired outcome after your floor renovation. Our customers should get the best installers for their timber flooring in Sutherland Shire at Grounded Flooring. Whether you are a fan of solid timber flooring, or the trendy engineered hardwood, you can expect them to deliver optimal results. 

Our Master Floor Installers are fully dedicated to installing timber floorboards at your place correctly. For this, they have completed the Quick-Step certification in flooring. So, you can depend upon them for a perfect floor installation.

Quick & Hassle-free Timber Flooring In Sutherland Shire

Everyone wants to see a quick supply and installation of timber flooring materials. After all, they are paying a tremendous amount of money in a market where there’s no lack of competitors. That is why we follow a quick installation approach for all types of hardwood and composite floorboards, including the timber ones. 

  • First, we will start preparing the subfloor. 
  • Next, our floor installers will carefully place the underlay above the prepared subfloor, which cushions the timber floorboards adequately and provides acoustic properties. 
  • And then finally, we will bring a high-quality supply of floorboards and install them one by one. 

You can expect us to complete your floor renovation project quickly and move out of your house as early as possible. However, the estimated installation time for timber flooring in Sutherland Shire depends on the size and the chosen installation method. If you prefer floating floorboards, we will complete the job usually within a day. Similarly, if you go for the nailing method, it may take us a few days. 

Hire Us Today

We recommend you hire us today, without wasting any further effort. We have accumulated an excellent reputation in the industry for our quality services and flooring products. You will get the best timber flooring materials at Grounded Flooring, whether you prefer solid or engineered timber floorboards. Moreover, our prices are incredibly reasonable as well. 

So, call us now and explore your timber flooring options in Sutherland Shire today!