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Engineered Timber Flooring

At Grounded Flooring, we value the definition of “GROUNDED” as someone or something stable, sincere, practical, and firmly established. These ideals are what we live up to each day, through our professional timber flooring contractors and chosen suppliers. Our team of installers are experienced and skilled, providing quality advice and service tailored to every project.

What is engineered wood flooring? Engineered timber flooring is a variety of hardwood created from layered materials. The composite layers are glued into planks, topped with a prefinished layer of thin hardwood. Engineered timber doesn’t require sanding or polishing after installation for added convenience. Engineered oak

flooring is a subtype of engineered timber, with an oak core forming the foundation for the composite layers.

Engineered timber provides the authentic warmth and feel of solid timber at a lower price point. The timber can be made into wider planks, showing off the natural grains and textures within the wood. Due to its composite construction, engineered timber offers high structural stability and other advantages which may be perfect for your home. For tailored advice or more information about engineered timber, contact the experts at Grounded Flooring.

Benefits of engineered wood flooring Whether you’re remodelling, renovating, or building a new home, it’s important to choose the right type of flooring for the space.

  • Can Be More Affordable Compared To Solid Hardwood Flooring.
  • Less Affected By Temperature And Humidity.
  • Engineered Floorboards Are Prefinished, Allowing For Quicker Installations.
  • Can Be Easily Installed Over Most Subfloors.
  • Top Layer Provides A Protective Coating For The Composite Core Layers.
  • Available In A Range Of Sizes, Textures, And Colours.

If engineered timber flooring sounds ideal for your project, contact our friendly team on 0452 335 902 or email us at

Preparation and installation

Grounded Flooring will oversee your project from conception to installation, streamlining every step of the process. Our knowledgeable tradespeople will provide genuine advice throughout the installation, working with you and our trusted suppliers to ensure exceptional workmanship.

Supply At Grounded Flooring, we only work with trusted brands who align with our values. Reliable and known for quality products, each supplier has been tried and tested so our customers receive timber of the highest quality. Along with the choice of engineered timber, Grounded Flooring also offers laminate, hybrid, vinyl planks, and solid timber.

Preparing the subfloor The secret to high-quality flooring lies in the preparation of the subfloor. This preparation allows the timber to be laid efficiently and effectively. The experienced professionals at Grounded Flooring level the subfloor with precision and refined preinstallation techniques. Our contractors can also remove your old flooring before installing new timber floorboards.

Installation Once the subfloor has been prepared and levelled, the timber can be laid. The Grounded Flooring team is proficient in a variety of installation methods including floating, direct stick, and nailing.

  • Floating: Floating Floorboards Use A Tongue-Groove System Or Click And Lock Together Over An Underlay Which Rests On The Subfloor.
  • Direct Stick: Each Individual Floorboard Is Glued Directly To The Substrate, Usually On Concrete Or Timber Subfloors. Direct Stick Installation May Be Combined With Nailing For Added Stability.
  • Nailing: Floorboards Are Nailed To The Timber Subfloor Or Battens. For Optimum Stability, Floorboards Are Glued Down Before Nailing.

Grounded Flooring Master Installers All our timber floor installers are certified Master Installers, accredited through Quick-Step and the Quick-Step Academy for Excellence in Flooring. Thanks to this accreditation, you will benefit from a lifetime warranty on any installations of Quick-Step products.

Our experts will provide advice backed by years of industry experience, working with you to choose the best timber for your project.

For premium floor installations in Sydney and Greater Sydney, contact the experienced tradespeople at Grounded Flooring.