Mink Grey

1900mm x 190mm x 14.5mm

Grand Oak Mink Grey is a smoky-washed stain inspiration resulting in a subtle, gentle smoky effect to give a more neutral look and hi-light more of the natural characteristics of our beautiful oak. UV lacquer with a matt finish provides maximum durability and enhance the depth and clarity of colour and preserve all the natural character of this wonderful timber. Our product comes in long timber boards to create variety and excitement in your Grand Oak engineered floor. Some boards are clean and others feature small and large knots and grained patterns; it’s this natural variation that provides a unique look and feel in your home. Colour will vary from different shipments and samples provided. Engineered boards will vary across every floor. It is this dissimilarity that gives timber its natural beauty and appeal.


TEXTURE :  Wire Brushed

GLOSS LEVEL : Matte Finish

SIZE : 1900mm x 190mm

THICKNESS : 14.5mm

PACK SIZE : 2.166m²

All full length boards in pack.