Flooring Specialists in Gymea

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We are a dedicated team of qualified and proven installers that would love to assist you with all your timber flooring needs. Our promise to you is that your next project can be delivered on time, all while using only the best quality timber flooring! At Grounded Flooring, we value the meaning of being “GROUNDED”, as someone or something that is down to Earth, sincere, and firmly established. We live and breathe this through our trusted team and brands.

We Do

Grounded Flooring is a specialist timber flooring company. We supply, prepare, and install timber flooring with only the highest quality products. Grounded Flooring oversees and manages every project in its entirety. This means you can enjoy a seamless experience from the initial quote to project completion. Our highly professional team, coupled with our many years of industry experience, ensures that we will deliver on all of your flooring needs with the best customer service along the way. We are “GROUNDED” across Greater Sydney and beyond.


Over the years we have partnered with a reliable network of suppliers that provide a wide range of timber flooring options. These trusted brands have been tried and tested to ensure that our customers only receive the most durable and highest quality products. We only partner with suppliers that share our values in delivering a superior flooring finish.


We can install your timber flooring, whether it be floating, direct stick, or nailing. With our experience and exceptional customer service, we can ensure our qualified team of installers will deliver your project to the exact specifications that you require.

Floor Preparation

It’s no secret that the key to a successful floor is in the floor preparation. We ensure precision and professionalism, from removing the old flooring to levelling the sub-floor. With our industry expertise, Grounded Flooring has refined pre-installation techniques and processes, in order to prepare the flooring in the most efficient way.


Flooring Specialists in Gymea

With over a decade of experience in premium floor installations, Grounded Flooring is committed to bringing the warmth and quality of timber into your home. Efficiently overseeing and managing your project in its entirety, Grounded Flooring handles everything from the initial quote to the final installation. Our specialists are experienced installers of timber flooring in Gymea including engineered timber, laminates, and hybrid flooring.

Installation specialists

Grounded Flooring was founded by John Dorich, providing genuine flooring solutions for both residential and commercial projects. John brings his professional expertise in installation, estimation, and project management to the forefront of Grounded Flooring, alongside his dedicated team of qualified tradespeople.

Our timber floor specialists are accredited through the Quick-Step Academy for Excellence in Flooring and are recognised as certified Master Installers. Quick-Step is the largest flooring training academy in Australia, with comprehensive training courses, fully-equipped facilities, and expert installers imparting unparalleled industry knowledge.

Through the combination of the Quick-Step Academy and years of professional experience, the tradespeople at Grounded Flooring provide specialist advice throughout your project. You will even receive a lifetime warranty on the installation of any Quick-Step products.

Hybrid flooring

Hybrid flooring is made from four layers of material combined to form synthetic timber planks. Highly resilient and waterproof, hybrid flooring blends the top qualities of laminates, hardwood, and vinyl planks.

The four layers

Hybrid flooring features four distinct layers:

  • First layer: specially treated to protect against scratches, stains, and UV-fading.
  • Second layer: printed design to mimic the appearance of natural hardwood.
  • Third layer: the rigid core provides stability against temperature and humidity changes.
  • Fourth layer: acoustic backing to dampen sound and increase underfoot comfort.

Engineered timber flooring

Engineered timber offers the elegance and luxury of solid hardwood flooring at a more affordable price. Engineered timber is created using a thin slice of hardwood that is glued onto a plywood base. A lower proportion of solid timber is used in the creation of the flooring, making engineered timber a more sustainable choice.

Benefits of engineered timber

  • Temperature stable: flooring won’t expand or contract based on temperature variations.
  • Sustainable: engineered timber uses a thin slice of natural hardwood.
  • Easy maintenance: flooring doesn’t need to be sanded or buffed.
  • Durable: timber is coated in a protective layer for increased scratch resistance.
  • Can be easily sanded or refinished for a fresh new look.

Laminate flooring

Durable and scratch-resistant, laminate is a layered composite featuring a particleboard core below a coloured print layer and protective topcoat. The top layer protects the laminate from general wear-and-tear, making it ideal for high-traffic areas of the home.

Benefits of laminates

  • Durable and resilient
  • Range of stylish printed designs.
  • UV-protected surface to prevent fading of the printed layer.
  • Easy to maintain and clean.

Vinyl planks

Made from PVC instead of wood, vinyl planks are a popular option for both residential and commercial spaces. Vinyl planks are completely waterproof, protected against both direct spills and moisture.

Benefits of vinyl planks

  • Affordable.
  • Resistant to stains for easy cleaning.
  • Anti-slip. Ideal for spaces exposed to water.
  • Durable and resilient.

Solid timber

Elegant and luxurious, solid timber flooring is composed solely from hardwood. Each plank is hewn and shaped from logs, making solid wood flooring incredibly durable and long-lasting.

Benefits of solid hardwood

  • Natural patterns and variety within the wood grain.
  • Strong and resilient.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Can help with home air quality as the timber doesn’t trap dust.
  • Can add value to your home.

For more information or to book an appointment in Gymea, contact Grounded Flooring on 0452 335 902 or email us on info@groundedflooring.com.au.