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We are a dedicated team of qualified and proven installers that would love to assist you with all your timber flooring needs. Our promise to you is that your next project can be delivered on time, all while using only the best quality timber flooring! At Grounded Flooring, we value the meaning of being “GROUNDED”, as someone or something that is down to Earth, sincere, and firmly established. We live and breathe this through our trusted team and brands.

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Grounded Flooring is a specialist timber flooring company. We supply, prepare, and install timber flooring with only the highest quality products. Grounded Flooring oversees and manages every project in its entirety. This means you can enjoy a seamless experience from the initial quote to project completion. Our highly professional team, coupled with our many years of industry experience, ensures that we will deliver on all of your flooring needs with the best customer service along the way. We are “GROUNDED” across Greater Sydney and beyond.


Over the years we have partnered with a reliable network of suppliers that provide a wide range of timber flooring options. These trusted brands have been tried and tested to ensure that our customers only receive the most durable and highest quality products. We only partner with suppliers that share our values in delivering a superior flooring finish.


We can install your timber flooring, whether it be floating, direct stick, or nailing. With our experience and exceptional customer service, we can ensure our qualified team of installers will deliver your project to the exact specifications that you require.

Floor Preparation

It’s no secret that the key to a successful floor is in the floor preparation. We ensure precision and professionalism, from removing the old flooring to levelling the sub-floor. With our industry expertise, Grounded Flooring has refined pre-installation techniques and processes, in order to prepare the flooring in the most efficient way.


Engineered Timber Flooring in Sutherland Shire - Supply & Installation.

Everyone likes to enhance their home’s interior appearance. There are lots of ways in which one homeowner can revamp the dull appearance inside the house. One can opt for painting, replacing the furniture or simply rearrange the things around. However, the most impactful yet budget-friendly way is by replacing the existing flooring. And nowadays, you will find an ample amount of options when it comes to flooring materials. One such option is definitely the engineered timber flooring, and people in Sutherland Shire absolutely love its finish. 

Why do people go for engineered flooring when they can easily opt for solid timber hardwood instead? There is more than one reason, and we are more than happy to let you know about them below. 

Why Choose Engineered Flooring In Sutherland Shire - Top Benefits 

Replacing the old flooring with new floorboards definitely takes some investment. That is why we are helping you make the right decision for your floor renovation project. 

  • The engineered timber floorboards are much cheaper than timber and readily available in the industry. 
  • You can easily install them by yourself as they come with a floating installation option. So, there’s less gluing and nailing over the subfloor. 
  • You don’t need to acclimatise the floorboards before their installation. 
  • One has many options available for the style and design of engineered flooring in Sutherland Shire. 
  • Upon installation, it not only improves the aesthetics inside your place but provides a solid and durable underfoot as well. 

Right now, you will get the best deal on engineered timber flooring in Sutherland Shire. Yes, Grounded Flooring Services offers the most exciting selection of engineered floorboards at the most competitive market price. So, hurry up and visit the experts at our store. 

Grounded Flooring Services - We Help You Realise Your Dream Flooring

Being one of the most prominent flooring contractors in Sydney and NSW, we are the perfect choice for your floor renovations. You will get the best quality of floorboard supply from us, and that too at the best market price. On the other hand, we also provide hassle-free installation of engineered timber flooring in Sutherland Shire. We possess more than ten years of experience in the flooring industry. So, you can trust our services and products without any reluctance. 

Over the years, we have undertaken hundreds of flooring contracts in your neighbourhood. Our installers and suppliers know the various challenges lying ahead of the road. That is why you should hire our engineered flooring services in Sutherland Shire. We assure you of top-quality service delivery and on-time completion of every undertaken project. 

So, come to us and receive the following benefits when you decide to replace your old flooring. 

  • Top-Quality Floorboards: We believe that our customers should receive top-quality flooring materials when they come to us. That is why we only procure engineered timber flooring materials from the leading manufacturers for our Sutherland Shire customers. You can talk to our team and tell them your requirements and design ideas. We are confident that they will show you a range of engineered timber floorboards that match your given description! 
  • Certified Floor Installers: Yes, we have a team of Quick-Step Academy certified installers ready to work on your flooring project. You can rely upon their expertise as they know how to avert any possible danger and achieve optimal results while installing floorboards. With more than ten years of experience, you can expect our floor installers to surpass your expectations. Moreover, you will get a lifetime warranty behind the installation of our Quick-Step products!
  • Comprehensive Approach: Every floor contractor must take caution and prepare before working on any floor renovation project. Otherwise, the results would undoubtedly disappoint their customers. Keeping this in mind, we make sure that our customers receive the best result without any imperfections on their new floor. We carefully remove the baseboards, prepare the sub-floor, place flooring underlayment, and finally install engineered floorboards! 

Do you want to know more about our smooth installation process? Then call us today.